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If you are eligible for Survivors Benefits in in Pennsylvania, you must contact the Social Security office near your home address to proceed with the paperwork, please bear in mind that this is a transaction that you can do online, by phone or personally at your Social Security Office.

After a member of your immediate family dies there is a chance that the relatives as parents, spouse or children, may have access to the social security benefits of this person, the income depends on the worked years (that generates credits) that this person has achieved at the Social Security.


Those Spouses that apply for the Economic benefits from the social security must bear in mind that every situation is different, and every case will be studied individually by the Social Security before an answer is released.

The amount of credits that a person collected along all the years of work will be essential to calculate the income of the money that can be from 150% of the total amount to the 180% (With some exceptions).

If the applicant is also applying for their own retirement benefits to the Social Security, the procedure is that His/her Benefits are processed first, and then, if the income from the spouse benefit is more than his/her retirement benefits, he or she will receive a combination of the retirement of both. If you are divorced you may also apply for this benefit, and if the case is that the applicant has children who are eligible for the benefit or if the person is divorced, this person may be eligible to apply for the Social Security benefit.

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If you are eligible for Survivors Benefits, you must contact the Social Security office near your home address to proceed with the paperwork...

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The Social Security number is a 9 digit number that connects you with the Social Security. This number is very important as you may need it to get a job...

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If your card is lost or stolen you can apply for a new one. Please go to process your new card to a secure official site as there are a lot of scammers...

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Name Change

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Change of address

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Disability application

If you are age 18, and have a medical condition that does not allow you to work for a year or more, you may apply for the benefit for disability at the social security....

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